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Friday, January 2, 2009

Voice of Solitude

Hours pass,days go


no one wants to know

no one even cares.

If only someone,could 

stop and knock at my door.

Silence is killing me-i

periodically mutter to my self

just to keep sane.

a plate of spaghetti-spent;

An unfininsihed poem

from a previous

encounter,gracefully sits 

and stares at me relishing a 

melody of lament-

i cry out,just to hear

a sound beyond my


Loneliness embarasses me at times

so i clothe it,

i bathe it in amazing terms

"Lovely loneliness",

but with time it crawls in

to claim the truth to its name



Princess said...


Princess said...

There's an uncanny resonance from this poem.
I get it or rather, it gets me.
Beautiful, Robyn.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

This is a very consuming flows through the soul. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Im whats your address....I'll come knocking

hows your year so far...took your advice!!

Emi's said...

This is good.....Am so jealous...and to think I had a distinction in Lit once way back but still can't come out this well.

Kafo said...

it is too early in the year to be dropping stuff this good for real

this is REAL and resonates


thegayte-keeper said...

this is such a raw and real poem

sanjeev said...

you speak for me,,bro

Mose said...


Robyn said...

thanks yall,,
@Oyin my year is lovely how is yours dear.

Regina said...

Beautiful but sad.
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this one.

K said...

"Loneliness embarasses me at times so i clothe it,i bathe it in amazing terms"

LOVE that part, when I read it I was like woah! Never knew the voice of solitude would be loud enough to reach me!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

That is me lonely. However I can be in a room of people and still feel lonely.
I really like your writings.
And you always seem to write how I feel. . .amazing.

Are you spying on my soul. . .lol

poeticallytinted said...

Ohmigosh! YOU CAN WRITE!!!! How do you do it?! okay here I am goshing and slobbering all over your blog yet again... err... have nothing intelligent to say... just- WOW!

eclectik said...


That's how you start the new year!


Angel said...

I love your writing!! im glad I discovered your blog at the start of my year so that I can continue to be moved and inspired throughout 2009!

SilverBow said...

u are better by now,right? i hope so anyway. ah, naye claire also, why did she have to go? now we'r lonely(hope am not joking abt this too soon).
Ha, Emi's, i'm sure u werent in the same class with robyn.

Shishi said...

lovin it dear...deep..u aight?

lulu said...

am sorry you had rto be alone on christmas and new year, rwally... thats all the crty i hear

OluwaDee said...

4 some reason i understand this poem, & I am retarded when it comes to poems.

happy new year!

poeticallytinted said...

UPDATE PLSSSS!!! :P it feels good to do this to you.

Angel said...

Being lonely is a feeling which is often underestimated...I felt that last year lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

And so too happens:)

Anonymous said...

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