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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Actor

empty stares
confused adoration
stifling screams
they applaud-
i take a bow
the show is over
curtains drop
today's tale has ended.

Beyond the curtains
i hear fading screams-
i place my hands tightly
against my ears-
drag my body on my elbows
and cry out
"Lord let them go away please".

Time collects in one place
my soul stifles a scream
all this pain,
all these broken moments
become a reality,
am betrayed by my own silence.

And now
With my teeth,i
pick up pieces of me-
piece by piece
part by part.
a new day will unfold,
I will play a new role.

To the activist,Lulu ,angel, Emi ,shishi n K


Emi's said...
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Emi's said...

I have socks!

I really like the writing and the way you captivate the reader.

This is nice like a 10/5

The poets voice ~~~ said...

" tomorrow i will play a new role"

It's funny, this is actually true about some actors. Everyday they manage to put on a new face before the audience but who are they really behind the mask?

You display pure talent. Love this piece, keep utilising your poetic licence!

Funms-the rebirth said...

u never seem to stop to blow my mind away with ur words

Princess said...

Ai! but we are all actors.
This one's deep, Robyn. I like. :)

K said...

Robyn darling I thought we had a send out the bat signal when you have updated...I come and claim socks! lol. i'm good dear, hope you are fine...ok on to serious matters..

I'm in love with your mind and words are just so diverse with your topics. I even wonder where your inspiration comes from

I love the last stanza. You made me think of how actors have to shed parts of themselves every time they act and then when they are done we forget that they have to pick up those part of themselves but we the audience always leave adding the acting to who they are...

Ah man you make me want to go back to high school and study english literature all over again! Thanks for the poetic xxx

Be silent said...

Teach me how to read

Be silent said...

Oh i meant how to write

eclecticsoul said...

dude, i love your word play, and the way you think. "my soul stifles a scream", beautiful!

Miss Cheri said...

Are u writing something for your valentine? I think u shd.

Please blog it.

Jaycee said...

When you said to the Activist, I figured that though your message speaks about silence, it is silently applauding those who speak out.

Loved it! Nice.

deonte' k said...

I really like this one buddy.. really good. :)

Angel said...

Hey Robyn

WOW was that for me? Thank you for writing it. You are a great blog friend. Talk about making my day!

Its true, Actors spend their whole life being somebody else, I think sometimes they can forget to be themselves.

Robyn - I enjoy every second of your words that slink across my screen and enchant me

Mudamuli said...

Wow! This is beautiful. I have always dreamt of being an actress.

thegayte-keeper said...

some life huh?

Anonymous said...

Its all been said........

eclectik said...

That ending was extra dope.


yo! You should come hang out on the Messageboard sometime

poeticallytinted said...

At a point in my life I actually studied theatre. One of the most difficult things for actors to do is to get in and out of character as often as they did some of them actually carry on like the character they had spend so much time learning to be. Sadly the rest of us don't help by constantly assuming they are who they are on stage.
and great piece robyn, we still getting married?

Jackie E. said...

You have a way with words Mr. Robyn...

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Aren't we all on some level..actors on a stage...each one plays a and the Bard. This is absolutely wonderful. You are a true poetic genius... : )

eizzy.k said...

we are actors too indeed!
love the idea and concept...and looks like i aint the only one too!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Aw Robyn thanks. What inspired this dedication?

I am really touched

Robyn said...

@The poets voice ~~~ :Thanks
@ K :your welcome
@poeticallytinted:for sure
@StandTall-The Activist:alot
@Angel:i apreciate

Funms-the rebirth said...

have i told u how awesome and sweet u are?????? thanx for ur encouraging words thru d weekend

SilverBow said...

i dont think i'm a very good actor or i wouldnt make so many enemies with my bluntness.
so asi read thru the comments i wondered:jst how many female funs does robyn have?God have mercy.robyn man,.../??????/???/

Robyn said...

@SilverBow : lol

Pro's Hood said...

*kisses ur cheek* good morning robyn!!!! I had to come through and spread some of the love you give me as well "Let's publish" whenever you ready R i got you... Thank you for always coming through and reading. Now as for this piece of phenomenal literature? nuff said lol that summed it up. Your the bomb so to have your stamp on approval means the world to me. Have an amazing day babes.... -Val

Shishi said...

beautiful...and thanx alot...i think theres an actor in each of us.

the walking man said...

You have captured the face behind the mask here Robyn. That you use such an intricate simplicity is stunning as the impact reaches home.

It is a wonderful and very powerful bit of writing.

lulu said...

mama, but you boy you get gooder and gooder!

mirrors my won state of mind too, at times, how you love, got your text message!

OluwaDee said...

"i pick up pieces of me- piece by piece part by part. So Tomorrow a new day will unfold."

I can relate with this.

Anonymous said...

wow.....Im really feeling this new blog

how are you??

Anonymous said...

hmmm, sounds like a life I

mose said...


feather said...

"confused adoration", like that phrase. everything else too.

Robyn said...

@oyin very fine thank you

Emi's said...

M liking the new look...The Actor still hits at me....I want to organise myself like one and may be life would be more smoother..

How are you doing?

When are you hitting another one?

phoebe said...

this one is really good
- just came in, i am sure i will discover more.


Anonymous said...


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