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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The curtain drops
your show is over
your last poetry recital-
beautiful faces
all disappear

You pack all your

in the bottom
of your suitcase

cover them with
your memories

a huge
"we will miss you card"

with the signatures
of all your

fellow poets.
you pack all of

cover them with
your memories-

piles,piles and
piles of them.

you close the lid

(you have everything
from a stay abroad)

you head back home.

Back home
you unpack.
everything lies in


as you rearrange
the new shelves

you have created,
suddenly you notice-
how everything looks

you notice how everyone
has changed
Even the face in the mirror.


the emrys said...

poetic socks!!! yeah baby yeah!!

the man in the mirror

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

very poignant.
I dislike moving and journeys, but love new beginnings. I am like a living paradox!! and this poem is a wonderful mirror!!

Mjay said...

Yes! been there, done that - it's all true.

K said...

you are never the same @ the start of a journey as @ the end, just like your luggage you wonder where the extra baggage came from

The Paradigm said...

a good Journey i most say. thats life , a journey. its stange to see the difference but we need it to move!!!... lovely poem !!!

normzo said...

Its never the same, or will it it be at the end.....though beginnings are my favorites

poeticallytinted said...

Are you back home now? Are your exams over? Funny was just thinking about you today and was going to ask how your exams were going?

Robyn said...

@poetically tinted- yeah exams are done.
ill keep my fingers crossed,,shit is tight.

Funms-the rebirth said...

u know i was thinking in the line of ur poem last week....... the end always bring new meanings and light. how ve u been Robyn?

lulu said...

this is where i am.

love you, sugar

eizzy.k said...

the end marks a new begining indeed...

"Back home
you unpack.
everything lies in
silent." - I know only too well this disoriented state, when you get back home after being away for a while... ^_^

eclecticsoul said...

duuude, first, how are you? then, this is deep. when the fireworks fade and the noise dies, certain things come to light. very nice.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

A poem in a circle...many hidden meanings. How are you my friend? Thanks for missing is too hectic...I need to write more and to read more...especially your poems.

Shishi said...

everyday is a journey we must take,im in love with here

Emi's said...


I have to say thanks for the last poem. Got me flowing and I made a new friend..I did not mention my source but I know you are a brother!!

Howz the going?

Emi's said...


Robyn said...

@Emi am targeting spoken word poetry next ill be in the states next year,,,for that.
put me in your prayers.

Silverbow said...

running over to check out K for the first time ever. keep your enemies close, and contenders even closest

the walking man said...

Robyn...You have succinctly covered just about every thing I ever felt when the stage lights turned off and the house lights came back up...You let me know when you come to Detroit.

Ugandan girl said...

hey hope you are k...long time..i got you tagged check it out..

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I so love this piece...

Its hard to move on from "place familiar" for deep within we are afraid to confront the new "individual" that bears no resemblance to the stored perception of what we envisaged ourselves to be.

Very Poignant piece of work...

Much Love

Emi's said...

From the poems you've done before, I'll not need to pray much.
Hope you come to NY You'll be Loved by the art-loving peeps

Mudamuli said...

Wow. This is well put. Keep it up, Robyn.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Are we to relate this peom to you? Where have you being?

Robyn said...

@Remi thanks much love back at you
@actvist,,long story

Moze said...

fuck that feeling.

Moze said...

Sometime it scares,,,going back home

feather said...

i like it

The poets voice ~~~ said...

This is the art of freeverse indeed!
Lovely poem!!
Journeys bring about change; an avenue to try something different or to start something new.

Things are never quite the same when you get back which is why i don't really like moving.

How are you and how did the exams go?

Angel said...

Something does change when you go away..

Hey Honey im back!

Jackie E. said...

Every ending is a new beginning and this reminds me of just how true that is. And every time we move on to that new experience or from that old one, we are forever changed. Love your work...

Robyn said...

@The poets voice ~~~:exams were great
@Angel:its about time
@Jackie:thanks dear

Anonymous said...


how are you, sorry been gone for awhile...been out the country and then became hospitalized...

hope things are still cool....

Anonymous said...

So u settled in now.........?

You begin the journey well knowing at some point in tym it will come to an end but u r never ready for that wen it does happen.

Robyn said...

@Oyin,,am very sorry dear.
@apr9 not that much,,,settled for awhile though.

Anonymous said...

no probs...just glad to be back...

so how are you?

Emi's said...

Dude I had to do this....I know you've got one before but I got you an award…check it out @
Hope I get to know some honest bits about you

Sarah said...

ohh i like this:) can def relate!


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