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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This night I lie here by your mother
watching her sleep-am
Prisoned by your thoughts
So I pray, and paint your
face on my heart-
Waiting for the day you
will tiptoe from my dreams
into this world.

What greater gift is there?
What better prayer can I make?
I promise-I’ll be here with you
When your breeze grows stronger.
I will stand by you- wrap my arms
around you and lull you to slumber.
Through my eyes will you see this
World-a cold world.
 I will depend on God
for your sake;I will lean on
the faith that he will watch over you

where my eyes see not;I will rejoice
at the thought of you-Because I know that
like your father,you will fight-the good
with your Verses I know that
you -my child will embrace the truth;
you will take this world by the throat.

so what can I say ?what can I skip?
-my unborn
i will  
pray and wait on you.

This poem is unedited but I thought I could share it in its raw form without editing it or any emotion.
Dedicated to Eizzy (you are a poet my dear and thanks for the sketch, it fits just right.)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Marry me

Danny BaGucci said...

Brilliant!!!! That's all I can say!

K said...

Love this one in all its unedited glory the truth is shining through!

My absolute favourite stanza you have written to date babe is this one

"So I pray and paint your face on my heart waiting for the day you
will tiptoe from my dreams
into this world."

what let your words marry my mind! lol

how are you doing? better?

Mose said...

i need to become a father now.
this is beautiful

Trybes said...

Beautiful and brilliant as well...

Mjay said...

To be a real Dad!

Edited or unedited, it's good and yeah, the drawing fits right in.

Anonymous said...

wow...this was sooo heartfelt!

Still need to talk!!

Anonymous said...

I want to be a poet......can u teach me how?

King said...

Wow. I like this big time. Reminds me of the song "I wanna be just like you" by Philips, Craig and Dean.

And yes, this does stir the longing to be a father.

Nice poem. Very nice.

lulu said...

hahahaha to anonymous.robyn do the honours...please leave your name and number and he will get right back to you.
this is so nostalgic so laced with longining, its beautiful eeeeeh but robyn, its amazing how very visula you have bocome you paint the picture of your dreams with a light sroke of the brush but no one can deny they havent seen it

Mudamuli said...

I love it! Especially the line ‘you will take this world by the throat’

Carsozy said...

Starts off beautifully 'I lie here with your mother......' once again am awed, but tell me for real is Antwonne coming?

Funms-the rebirth said...

glad u didnt edit it.... i felt the emotions and the vulnerability........ brilliant!!!!!

poeticallytinted said...

"Waiting for the day you
will tiptoe from my dreams
into this world."

You write brilliantly my dear. It is so beautiful and tender.

the walking man said...

Lower the font, print it out, cover it in plastic and keep it in your wallet.

You will find this most useful when he and his teen age friends drop by to raid the refrigerator.

There is much heart and determination her Robyn. Well said and very personal. A poet always takes their audience along for the ride and you have once again taken us places we all wish to be.

Well done brother, well done. said...

Hello there!

I am absolutely looooving this prose.

I mean... wow....

Jackie E. said...

This is as beautiful as anything of yours I've ever read!

Ugandan girl said...

havent been for a while...

this poem has brought tears to my eyes. I have read it over and over again and prayed that one day i will be as good as you....xx

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Exceptional. "Paint your face in my heart"... wow.

Shadow said...

moving, heartfelt, tender, loving...

Angel said...

Oh darling that was my favourite so far....It is so beautiful I hope the father of any child I bear feels the same as this.

Screamer said...

You got tagged

Robyn said...

@Danny BaGucci:your sure glad you loved it
@K :am very fine thank you

Dre said...

really been long
this is a very,very good poem

red kute said...


red kute said...

havent read anything that beautiful in a a long time.

Anonymous said...

If it flowed from your heart, just as it was written, then just like the unborn it IS Perfect!

Happy Holiday Robyn

Princess said...

You had me at, "So I pray, and paint your face on my heart."

LovePaprika said...

HEY ROBYN!!!!! I have missed out sooooo much... how were ur exams... I like this as usual!!!

Lorenzo said...

Perfect and timely,Father's Day is next week. Don't need a necktie or a polo shirt,just a child to make you proud. All the best-LL

Anonymous said...

knock knock

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Regina said...

absolutely fabulous! I love this one! You never cease to amaze me!
I have an award for you at my spot.

Anonymous said...

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