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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Write your name only 

This is your moment 

Your time under the sun. 


 Don't write the name of any god 

Don't write the name of any soul 

Don't write the name of any man. 

What have they done? 


Look at them with their void stares 

These are the same faces that 

abandoned and 

fled from you. 

These are the same faces that 

raped and 

molested your children. 


this is your moment 

write your name only. 




Mjay said...


My question is;
Are we the Africa? are you talking to Africans?
The mysteries of poetry.

One Naija Dude said...

Ah.. The things that Africa has suffered.... Perhaps it is time for us to begin to refuse to take the abandonment and molestation lying down? I dunno..

Jaycee said...

I like the part where you say, "Africa- this is your moment...write your name only."

There are lots of interpretations to that one line.

feather said...

taking pride in being who we are. write our name only

Sarah said...


I love the "Africa this is your moment" - strong and important message!

poeticallytinted said...

This is our TIME! Only Africa can choose what name she wants to be called. You are deep my darling Robyn.

eizzy.k said...

An empty stage,
a single spot light,
a single word uttered;
despite all its gone through, she still stands bold and true.
(and i applause the poet who birthed these well strung words too!!)

eizzy.k said...

@ Mjay - the beauty of poetry and words is that they mean what meaning u give them..."Africa" could be refering to the people, it could be refering to the land, it could be refering to raw untamed nature, could be refering to YOU!

The poets voice ~~~ said...

I take pride in being called 'African'- I wirte that name only!
love has lots of interpretations which are deeper than what meets the eye.

petesmama said...

I like this one a lot.

Mudamuli said...

I especially like the second stanza.

normzo said...

"those are the faces that raped and abandoned you, that rapd your children"


cheers mate.

always loving your poetry.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how to respond to this posting...cos it appears that you are blaming a God for the rape of Africans....

well ok, maybe Im a bit slow, it is 418am and im soooo tired, but had to read you..


K said...

'm taking this as all Africa has to do is write its name and all that has been done to Africa will come out. There is no need to say so and so destroyed Africa or so and so raped Africa...all you need is to write Africa's name and the culprits will be seen

the walking man said...

There is much potency here Robyn.

Have you considered heading each verse with


In my mind by adding the word twice more, you speak to the continent and all that is upon her...without adding it you digress and speak to your reader in the middle two verses. In this case I think you should take the reader silently along while you speak to ALL that is AFRICA-

third line first verse "your"...minor correction

ShonaVixen said...

Africa - my first love, my home, my upbringing, the me within me!!
Love your post!!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Africa do what is right, harken to the voice of wisdom cuz you are loved

Robyn said...

@walkin man : thnaks for the observation
i like the idea of headin eac verse

Angel said...

Gosh I love this line

Africa- this is your moment write your name only.

Robyn said...

@Walkin man: now that was a good idea
tried it loved the result thanks

Poetry in the Global Box said...

This is one after my own heart.

Jackie E. said...

Such a conscious poem at such a poignant time! Africa -this is your time - write your name only - Love it!!!

Anonymous said...


Talitha Koum said...

it almost seems like you can swap the name Africa for one's own name...its so personal, like its not just about whats been done to Africa, but to me or my friend. this rings true on every continent? ima write my name only, the one inspired by my Lord and given by my mother. Love it!

Mose said...

ok now am impressed

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have written anything better if i had a month to do so...

Africa sure has to write Her name only.....

Very my own interpretation of the poem.

lulu said...

aww, nice , darling, your poetry is more mature at each writing

Carsozy said...

Woe unto leaders who think that they only have a vision for their people. well done man this is good stuff..... write your name only.

Tairebabs said...

very nice. I am so proud to be African!


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